Meltem Elitaş

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Meltem Elitaş

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Education :

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)  Lausanne, Switzerland

Doctor of Philosophy, Program of Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 2012

Thesis Advisor: Prof. John McKinneyCoadvisors: Prof. Philippe Renaud, Prof. Sebastian MaerklThesis: Single-Cell Analysis of Mycobacterial Persistence Using Microfabricated Tools


Sabanci University (SU)                    Istanbul, Turkey

Master of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science, 2007

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Asif SabanoviçThesis: Function Based Control for Motion Control Systems
GPA: 3.95 / 4.00


Yildiz Technical University            Istanbul, Turkey

Bachelor of Science, Electrical & Electronics Faculty, 2005. GPA: 3.74 / 4.00, ranked 2nd in EE, and ranked 3rd in EE Faculty/ Double Major, Mathematical Engineering, 2001-4th year is incomplete.

Areas of Interest :

Biomechatronics, biosensors, microfluidics, antibiotics, microscopy, laparoscopic tools, personalized medicine, cancer-immune cell interactions

Membership :

IEEE Membership, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Membership, IEEE Women in Engineering, Swiss Society of Biomedical Engineering (SSBE), American Association for Science and Technology (AASCIT), Turkish Society of Yale Graduate Students and Scholars (TYGS), European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (ESCMID).
Before SU Publications:

Journal Articles:

1.     Elitas M., Dhar N., Denevaud N., Maerkl S.J., McKinney J.D. High-content screen of a M. smegmatis knockout library provides insights into bacterial persistence and individuality. Manuscript in preparation (Nature Biotechnology).

2.     Elitas M., Martinez-Duarte R., Dhar N., McKinney J.D., Renaud P. (2014) Dielectrophoresis-based purification of antibiotic-treated bacterial subpopulations. Lab Chip, 14, 1850-1857.

3.     Elitas M., Fan R., A Microchip Platform for Interrogating Tumor-Immune Cell Communication at the Single-Cell Level. Lab Chip,14.3582


4.     Elitas M., Fan R., Single-cell technologies for Systems Oncology, Manuscript in preparation.


5.     Wei, W., Shin Y., Ma C., Wang J, Elitas M., Fan R., Heat J.R. (2013) Microchip platforms for multiplex single-cell functional proteomics with applications to immunology and cancer research. Genome Medicine, 5: 75.

6.     Ma C., Fan R., and Elitas M. (2013) Single cell functional proteomics for assessing immune response in cancer therapy: technology, methods and applications. Frontiers in Tumor Immunity.

7.     Elitas M., Khan S., Nergiz A.O., Sabanovic A. (2011) Task-based bilateral control for microsystems application. AUTOMATIKA, 52-2, 107-117.

8.     Sabanovic A., Elitas M., Ohnishi K. (2008) Sliding modes in constrained systems control. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 55-9: 3332-3339.

Conference Proceedings:

1.     Elitas M., Khan S., Nergiz A.O., Sabanovic A. (2008) Function based control for bilateral systems in tele-micromanipulation. AMC, The 10th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control.

2.     Khan S., Nergiz A.O., Elitas M., Patoglu V., Sabanovic A. (2007) A hybrid force-position controller based man-machine interface for manipulation of micro objects. IEEE MHS, IEEE International Symposium on MicroNanoMechatronics and Human Science.

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9.     Elitas M., Deniz E., Şabanoviç A. (2006) Design of haptic devices for micro parts handling. IEEE (Co-Sponsor) TOK, (Turkish Automatic Control).

10.  Elitas M., Deniz E., Acer M., Şabanoviç A. (2006) Functional control for bilateral systems. IEEE (Co-Sponsor) TOK, (Turkish Automatic Control).