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Hatipoğlu, Emre and Gökçe, Osman Zeki and Arın, İnanç and Saygın, Yücel (2019) "Automated text analysis and international relations: the introduction and application of a novel technique for Twitter", All Azimuth: A Journal of Foreign Policy and Peace, Vol.8, No.2, 183-204 (ESCI)
Arın, İnanç and Erpam, Mert Kemal and Saygın, Yücel (2018) "I-TWEC: interactive clustering tool for Twitter", Expert Systems with Applications, Vol.96, 1-13 (SCI)
Book Section / Chapter
Ertek, Gürdal and Tapucu, Dilek and Arın, İnanç, "Text mining with RapidMiner", RapidMiner: Data Mining Use Cases and Business Analytics Applications, Hofmann, Markus and Klinkenberg, Ralf (eds.), Florida, USA: Chapman and Hall/CRC, October 2013, 241-261