Christopher  Mayack

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Christopher Mayack

E-mail :

Education :

2012-2014 - Alexander
von Humboldt Post-Doctoral Fellow, Zoology Institute, Martin-Luther-University

2012 - Ph.D. in Biology, Zoology degree, Colorado State University 

Dhruba Naug, Dissertation: ?Behavioral
alteration in the honeybee due to parasite-induced energetic stress

2012 - Masters of
Teaching Certificate, The Institute for Learning and Teaching, Colorado State

2007 - B.S. in Biology w/Honors, Minor in Chemistry, State University of
New York at Geneseo

Work Experience :

2017 - present: Assistant Professor, Sabancı
University, Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering Program, Faculty of
Engineering and Natural Sciences

2015 - 2017: Visiting Assistant Professor, Swarthmore
College, Department of Biology, 2015-2017

Evolution intermediate course
twice (w/lab)

Evolution of Social Behavior upper level seminar (w/ lab)

Bio 002 Intro. course - Organismal and Population Biology
(w/ lab)

Areas of Interest :

Systems biology, improving honey bee health, animal physiology, animal behavior, parasite-host interactions, neurobiology, effects of aging, evolution of social behavior, regulation appetite and energetic homeostasis

Awards :

  • First place in the Sigma Xi Student Research Undergraduate Showcase Contest - Sigma Xi  2018
  • First Year University Courses Teaching Award - Sabanci University  2018

Publications :

Suwannapong, Guntima and Samrit, Maksong and Phainchajoen, Mananya and Benbow, Mark and Mayack, Christopher (2018) "Survival and health improvement of Nosema infected Apis florea (Hymenoptera: Apidae) bees after treatment with propolis extract", Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology, Vol.21, No.2, 437-444 (SCI)
Schick, Sassicaia and Broadrup, Robert L. and Mayack, Christopher and White, Helen K. and Macherone, Anthony (2018) "Integrating GC/TOF exposome profiling and genetic disease screening to provide a holistic perspective on honey bee health", American Laboratory, Vol.50, No.3, 21-23 (SCI)