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Suha Orhun Mutluergil

E-mail : suha.mutluergilsabanciuniv.edu

Areas of Interest :

software verification and validation, concurrency theory, linearizability, deductive verification, developing testing methods with provable guarantees, proposing reasoning mechanisms for shared-memory and distributed concurrent programs focusing on block-chain platforms
Before SU Publications:

Berk ÇirisciConstantin EneaAzadeh FarzanSuha Orhun Mutluergil: Root Causing Linearizability Violations. CAV (1) 2020350-375

Bernhard KraglConstantin EneaThomas A. HenzingerSuha Orhun MutluergilShaz Qadeer: Inductive sequentialization of asynchronous programs. PLDI 2020227-242

Suha Orhun MutluergilSerdar Tasiran: A mechanized refinement proof of the Chase-Lev deque using a proof system. Computing 101(1)59-74 (2019)

Chao Wang, Constantin EneaSuha Orhun MutluergilGustavo Petri: Replication-aware linearizability. PLDI 2019980-993

  • Suha Orhun MutluergilSerdar Tasiran: A Mechanized Refinement Proof of the Chase-Lev Deque Using a Proof System. NETYS 2016280-294