Oznur  Taştan

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Oznur Taştan

E-mail : otastansabanciuniv.edu

Personal web page

Education :

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science

MSc, Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science

BSc,  Sabanci University, Biological Sciences and Bioengineering

Work Experience :

Bilkent University, Department of Computer Engineering

Microsoft Research New England, Cambridge, USA

Areas of Interest :

Machine learning, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics

Publications :

Olgun, Gülden and Şahin, Özgür and Taştan, Öznur (2018) "Discovering lncRNA mediated sponge interactions in breast cancer molecular subtypes", BMC Genomics, Vol.19 (SCI)
Before SU Publications:

Journal publications

  • G. Kale,  E. Ayday, and O. Tastan (2018). A utility-maximizing and privacy preserving approach for protecting kinship in genomic databases, Bioinformatics, 34(2):181-189.
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Reviewed conference and workshop publications

  • I. Deznabi, A. A. Celik and O. Tastan. MEMNAR: Finding mutually exclusive mutation sets through negative association rule mining. The 11th International Workshop on Machine Learning in Systems Biology, 25th ISMB/ECCB, Prag, Czech Republic, Jul 25, 2017. 
  • A. B. Unal, O. Tastan, Identification of cancer patient subgroups via smoothed shortest path graph kernel, NIPS Workshop on Machine Learning in Computational Biology, Barcelona, Dec 10, 2016.  
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