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Gizem Ozbaygın

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Areas of Interest :

Large-scale optimization, transportation and logistics, innovative applications in vehicle routing and scheduling, last-mile and same-day delivery planning, dynamic ride-sharing, smart mobility and logistics.

Publications :

Özbaygın, Gizem and Karasan, Oya E. and Kara, Bahar Y. and Campbell, James F. and Ozel, Aysu (2023) "Exact solution approaches for the minimum total cost traveling salesman problem with multiple drones", Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Vol.168, 81-123 (SCI, SSCI)
Özbaygın, Gizem and Koca, Esra and Yaman, Hande (2021) "An exact solution approach for the inventory routing problem with time windows", Computers and Operations Research, Vol.134 (SCI, SSCI)
Özbaygın, Gizem and Savelsbergh, Martin (2019) "An iterative re-optimization framework for the dynamic vehicle routing problem with roaming delivery locations", Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Vol.128, 207-235 (SCI, SSCI)