Michel  Lavrauw

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Michel Lavrauw

E-mail : mlavrauwsabanciuniv.edu

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Areas of Interest :

Finite geometry, Galois geometry, Incidence geometry, Semifields and non-associative algebras, Finite fields, Computer algebra, Coding theory, Combinatorics, Geometry of tensor products, Segre varieties, Algebraic Geometry.

Awards :

  • Erskine Fellowship from University of Canterbury, New Zealand. - Canterbury University  2019

Membership :

Editorial board of the journal Designs Codes and Cryptography Editorial board of the journal Finite Fields and Their Applications

Publications :

Lavrauw, Michel and Rodgers, Morgan (2019) "Classification of 8-dimensional rank two commutative semifields", Advances in Geometry, Vol.19, No.1, 57-64 (SCI)
Ball, Simeon and Lavrauw, Michel (2018) "Planar arcs", Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, Vol.160, 261-287 (SCI)
Volumes Edited / Special Issues
Cardinali, Ilaria and Lavrauw, Michel and Metsch, Klaus and Pott, Alexander, Preface to the special issue on finite geometries, Springer, April 2019
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