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Shalima Shawuti

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cereamic, fuel cell

Publications :

Akçay, Namık and Algün, Gökhan and Kılıç, Neslihan Uzar and Shawuti, Shalima and Can, Musa Mutlu (2017) "Europium dependent absorption properties of Zn1-(y+0.01)(Al-0.01,Eu (y) )O (y=0.00, 0.01, 0.03 and 0.05) thin films grown on the soda-lime glass substrates by spin coating", Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, Vol.28, No.5, 4492-4497 (SCI)
Before SU Publications:


·         N. Akçay,  G. Algün; N. Üzar Kılıç, S. Shawuti; M. Mutlu Can, Europium Dependent Absorption Properties of Zn1-(y+0.01)(Al0.01,Euy)O (y = 0.00, 0.01, 0.03 and 0.05) Thin Films Grown on the Soda-lime Glass Substrates by Spin Coating, J. Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 2016, (accepted.)

·         S. Shawuti, M.A. Gülgün, “Solid oxide-molten carbonate nano-composite fuel cells: Particle size effect on percolation”, J. Hygrogen energy, 41 (2016) 44, 20343–20349

·         S. Kaneko, T. Rachi ; M. Yasui ; Y. Shimizu ; S. Tanaka ; C. Kato ; K. Satoh ; S. Shawuti ; M. M. Can; T. Endo, Graphen growth: 10B lead pencil, print paper, and femtosecond laser, Nanosicence and Nanotechnology Letters, 8(2016) 7, 611-614.

·         M. M. Can, S. Shawuti, T. Fırat, S. I. Shah, Experimentally Tailoring s-d and p-d Interactions in Spin Polarization via Post Deposition Annealing Conditions, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, (660) (2016) 423-432.

·         S. Kaneko, T. Rachi, M. Yasui, Y. Shimizu, S. Tanaka, Y. Shimizu, S. Tanaka, C. Kato S. Shawuti, M. M. Can T. Endo, Graphen Growth: 10B Lead Pencil, Print Paper, and Femtosecond Laser. Conference: International Conference on Microwave and Phtonics (ICMAP) Location, IEEE Photonics Society, 2015 International Conference On Microwave And Photonics (ICMAP), 2015

·         S. Shawuti, M. A. Gülgün, Toward Highly Efficient Carbonate Nanocomposite Electrolyte for Ceramic Fuel Cells, J. Power Source, (237) 2014, 128-135.


·         S. Shawuti, M. M. Can, M. A. Gülgün, Tezer Fırat, Characterization of ZnO and ZnGa2O4 semiconductors using AC Impedance Spectroscopy,  Journal Electrochimica Acta (145) 201,132-138.


·         F. Bouremmad, A. Benabbas, H. Bouridah, K.Rida, S. Shawuti, M.A. Gülgün, Structural, morphological and electrical properties of La1-xSrxAlO3-δ (x = 0, 0.1, 0.15) synthesized by the Pechini method, Acta Chimica Slovenica, 59 (4) 2012, 917-933.