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Tolga Sutlu

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Immunology, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, Regenerative Medicine

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  • Bilim Akademisi BAGEP Ödülü - Sabanci University  2017

Membership :

European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, Swedish Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, Turkish Molecular Biology Association, Turkish Society of Immunology

Publications :

Kahraman, Tamer and Güçlüer, Gözde and Şimşek, İsmail and Yağcı, Fuat Cem and Yıldırım, Muzaffer and Özen, Can and Dinç, Ayhan and Gürsel, Mayda and Ikromzoda, Lolai and Sütlü, Tolga and Gay, Stephen and Gürsel, İhsan (2017) "Circulating LL37 targets plasma extracellular vesicles to immune cells and intensifies Behçet's disease severity", Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, Vol.6 (ESCI)
Duru, Adil Doğanay and Sütlü, Tolga and Wallblom, Ann and Uttervall, Katarina and Lund, Johan and Stellan, Birgitta and Gahrton, Gösta and Nahi, Hareth and Alıcı, Evren (2015) "Deletion of chromosomal region 8p21 confers resistance to Bortezomib and is associated with upregulated Decoy trail receptor expression in patients with multiple myeloma", PLoS One, Vol.10, No.9 (SCI)
Papers in Conference Proceedings
Parlar, Ayhan and Pamukcu, Cevriye and Özkazanç, Didem and Aras, Mertkaya and Dahlberg, C. and Chrobok, M. and Zahedimaram, Pegah and Ikromzoda, Lolai and Sayıtoğlu, E. C. and Alıcı, E. and Erman, Batu and Duru, A. D. and Sütlü, Tolga, "Engineering antigen-specific NK cells via TCR gene transfer: a novel source for adoptive immunotherapy", European-Society-of-Gene-and-Cell-Therapy (ESCGT) Congress, Mary Ann Liebert, December 2017, A31-A32
Before SU Publications:

Original Research Articles

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Response Letters, Review articles and Book Chapters

  1. Sutlu T, Alici E, Gahrton G, Nahi H.  In search of the molecular consequences of 8p21 deletion in multiple myeloma: commentary on Gmidéne et al. Med Oncol. 2013 Jun;30(2):569.
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