Ateş Altınordu

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Ateş Altınordu

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Education :

B.A., Yale University, 2002
Ph.D., Yale University, 2010

Areas of Interest :

Comparative Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Social Theory, Cultural Sociology

Awards :

  • Marvin B. Sussman Dissertation Prize - Yale University, Department of Sociology  2011
  • Reinhard Bendix Graduate Student Paper Award - American Sociological Association, The Comparative and Historical Sociology Section  2009

Membership :

American Sociological Association, Social Science History Association

Publications :

Altınordu, Ateş (2022) "Türkiye'de sivil din: engeller ve fırsatlar", Sosyoloji Araştırmaları Dergisi, Vol.25, No.3, 397-414 (NA)
Altınordu, Ateş (2021) "Divine warning or prelude to secularization? Religion, politics, and the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey", Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review (SI), Vol.82, No.4, 447-470 (SSCI, AHCI)
Altınordu, Ateş Ali (2017) "A Midsummer Night's Coup: Performance and power in Turkey's July 15 Coup attempt", Qualitative Sociology, Vol.40, No.2, 139-164 (SSCI)
Altınordu, Ateş (2016) "The political incorporation of anti-system religious parties: the case of Turkish political Islam (1994–2011)", Qualitative Sociology, Vol.39, No.2, 147-171 (SSCI)
Altınordu, Ateş (2013) "The rise and transformation of German political Catholicism (1848-1914) and Turkish political Islam (1970-2011)", Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, Vol.65, No.Supple, 383-408 (SSCI)
Altınordu, Ateş (2010) "The politicization of religion: political Catholicism and political Islam in comparative perspective", Politics and Society, Vol.38, No.4, 517-551 (SSCI)
Book Section / Chapter
Altınordu, Ateş, "Religion and politics in Turkey", The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of the Middle East, Salvatore, Armando and Hanafi, Sari and Obuse, Kieko (eds.), New York: Oxford University Press, February 2023, 357-372
Altınordu, Ateş, "Is Turkey a postsecular society? Secular differentiation, committed pluralism, and complementary learning in contemporary Turkey", Negotiating Democracy and Religious Pluralism: India, Pakistan, and Turkey, Barkey, Karen and Kaviraj, Sudipta and Naresh, Vatsal (eds.), New York: Oxford University Press, September 2021, 157-177
Altınordu, Ateş, "Uncivil populism in power: the case of Erdoğanism", Populism in the Civil Sphere, Alexander, Jeffrey C. and Kivisto, Peter and Sciortino, Giuseppe (eds.), Cambridge: Wiley, January 2021, 74-95
Altınordu, Ateş, "Toward a comparative historical sociology of religious politics", Religion on the Edge: De-Centering and Re-Centering the Sociology of Religion, Bender, Courtney and Cadge, Wendy and Levitt, Peggy and Smilde, David (eds.), New York: Oxford University Press 2013, 67-91
Before SU Publications:

Philip Gorski and Ateş Altınordu, "After Secularization? Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 34 (2008), 55-85.