Semih Onur  Sezer

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Semih Onur Sezer

E-mail :

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Education :

Ph.D.(2006) & M.A.(2005), Princeton University.

B.Sc.(2002), Bogazici University-Istanbul, Turkey

Areas of Interest :

Applied probability, statistics, stochastic processes, optimal stopping, stochastic optimal control with applications in finance and engineering

Awards :

  • ODTÜ Parlar Vakfı Araştırma Teşvik Ödülü - ÖDTÜ Parlar Vakfı  2018

Publications :

Kılıç, Kemal and Saygı, Menekşe Gizem and Sezer, Semih Onur (2019) "Exact and heuristic methods for personalized display advertising in virtual reality platforms", Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization, Vol.15, No.2, 833-854 (SCI, SSCI)
Frenk, Hans and Javadi Khatab, Sonya and Pourakbar, Morteza and Sezer, Semih Onur (2019) "An exact static solution approach for the service parts end-of-life inventory problem", European Journal of Operational Research, Vol.272, No.2, 496-504 (SCI, SSCI)
Kılıç, Kemal and Saygı, Menekşe Gizem and Sezer, Semih Onur (2017) "A mathematical model for personalized advertisement in virtual reality environments", Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, Vol.85, No.2, 241-264 (SCI)
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