Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design

We live in a world where the role of the artist/designer is being redefined. Todays artists and designers need to be equipped with knowledge and vision which go far beyond the traditionally required skills of draughtsmanship. The individual\'s need to be conversant with social, scientific and technological evolution that surrounds him or her, and the ability to incorporate this evolution into the creative process, brings the issue of a visual education that has a wider based spectrum than before. The interdisciplinary educational approach embraced by Sabancı University aims to provide an ideal breeding ground for the education of the "new" artist and designer.

The program offers two different tracks, namely Visual Arts where the aim is the education of visual arts and Visual Communication Design where the aim is the education of multimedia and web designers.

For further information about Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Undergraduate Program, please contact Program Coordinator Selçuk Artut sartut@sabanciuniv.edu .