The Psychology Program at Sabancı University is a thriving academic community. After two years of preparation and program development, the Psychology Major Program is starting in 2014-2015 academic year. Psychology majors earn a BA degree through the exploration of the psychological, biological, social, and cultural factors that shape human behavior. Studying Psychology at Sabancı University will not only help the students gain basic knowledge and skills in the discipline of Psychology and cognate disciplines but also to acquire researcher skills needed to contribute to that knowledge themselves.

Why study with us?
• The program aims at producing research and teaching in high international standards. The faculty members are a group of international scholars who joined the Sabancı community from leading research universities from around the world.
• Their research interests span a wide range of areas, such as psychological bases for perception, intelligence, memory, language and social cognition.
• Students are provided with opportunities to actively take part in large-scale projects carried out by the faculty members as research assistants, and gain hands-on experience.
• Students and staff benefit from the rich opportunities Sabancı University offers, such as tight interdisciplinary links between faculties, state-of-the-art research facilities and infrastructure, and independent research support and funding.

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