OPIM 905 Business Intelligence for Managers Select Term:
Business intelligence (BI) is one of the most popular topics among business leaders. The main goal of BI is to promote accurate and timely decision making by use of data, information and analytics. This course is designed specifically for EMBA students to develop a good understanding/appreciation of computer-based information systems in direct support of managerial decision making, which nowadays commonly referred to as business intelligence. The topics covered in this course include decision support systems, data warehousing, business performance management, and data/text/Web mining. In order to provide a managerial approach to this course, instead of covering algorithmic details, a systematic problem solving approach is followed, where a number of business problems are given to illustrate the efficacy of business intelligence. [Note, the instructor of this course is also a co-author of the recently published business intelligence book titled ?Business Intelligence: A Managerial Approach? (Prentice Hall, ©2011), which will be used as the textbook for this course].
SU Credits : 1.500
ECTS Credit : 3.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite : -