MGMT 845 Technology Awareness and Implications of Technology Trends to Business Life and Processes Select Term:
We are in the middle of a major technology revolution. Everything we do is surrounded by new technologies, refining the way we live and work. Nonetheless, there is a greater transformation at play as technology has shifted beyond digital and is established in every single interaction of our lives. As we see a significant new shift, technology revolution starts to put people first. High performers will achieve more with technology by continuously familiarizing with and learning, generating new solutions, driving change and disrupting the status quo. In this context, the aim of the course is to facilitate students learn how to effectively and efficiently evaluate trends and emerging technologies in business life and management and integrate them to work processes and organization through using the right methods.
SU Credits : 1.500
ECTS Credit : 3.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite : -