MGMT 551 Technology Management Select Term:
The focus of the course is on the key concepts, models, and methods that enable manager to effectively manage the development and utilization of technologies. The goal is to develop an awareness of the range, scope, and complexity of the phenomena, issues, and problems related to economics and management of technology and technological innovations. In that respect, tools for technology creation, search, assessment, selection, implementation, utilization,and divestment will be analysed. Technology planning and strategy making will be other topics to be covered. Besides these micro issues, the course will extend the discussion to cover macro issues of technology management by studying how industries and firms are transformed by new technologies, how new industries are formed, and what factors affect the innovation performance. In other words, a systems perspective will be used to develop insights into the conditions under which particular structural arrangements and systems are likely to facilitate technological development. By doing so, the course will enable the integration of technology, operations and business strategy. In short, the participants will develop a better understanding of the complex issues surrounding the managerial tasks with respect to technology.
SU Credits : 3.000
ECTS Credit : 10.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite : -