IT 562 An Introduction to SOA Concepts and Development Select Term:
This course is an advanced analysis and design course that covers traditional OO approach and the modern SOA based software development. Students will be able to get a grasp of fundamental issues and be able to compare and contrast the approaches. The first part of the course covers Object-Oriented Concepts, Analysis and Design. Part two covers SOA concepts and the part three introduces programming SOA applications with examples. Part I : Object-oriented Analysis and Design using UML The objective of this part is to provide the basics of object-oriented software engineering including object-oriented analysis and design using UML. Topics covered: Fundamental concepts of software design & UML (Unified Modeling Language), Requirement analysis, UML notations, Use case diagrams, Class diagrams and Case studies. Part II : SOA Principles This part is an introduction to key concepts and issues associated with SOA and provides an overview of SOA based software lifecycle, development and technologies. Students will be introduced to the fundamental elements of SOA Concepts, Analysis and Design along with a brief overview of Web services, Services and Component Development, Business Process Management, Enterprise Services Bus technologies.
  • SOA Concepts, Analysis and Design
  • Key issues involving services and service infrastructure for SOA
  • SOA-compatible software development process
  • SOA governance and software development
  • Impact of SOA in each phase of the software
  • development process Part III : Developing Java-based SOA Applications This part will help students understand and use software development technologies for SOA based applications including:
  • Understanding the role of Web services and Web service usage
  • JEE Components EJB3 / JAX-WS
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Enterprice Service Bus
  • SU Credits : 3.000
    ECTS Credit : 6.000
    Prerequisite : -
    Corequisite : -