DA 592 Term Project Select Term:
All graduate students pursuing a non-thesis MSc. Program are required to complete a project. The project topic and contents are based on the interest and background of the student and are approved by the faculty member serving as the Project Supervisor. At the completion of the project, the student is required to submit a final report and present the project. This course aims to provide the students with skills and training to conduct research in a certain area, manage a project on time and to interpret the outcome of the research study. In addition, students are expected to gain experience and further skills in creating a proper project proposal, identifying and evaluating the principal components that will establish the project scope, conducting a literature survey and compiling the results, deciding on the formal methodology and analyzing the outcome, gaining experience in teamwork, cooperation and information sharing, publishing a project report in a format accepted by the scientific communities, and finally preparing and executing a presentation of the project outcome.
SU Credits : 0.000
ECTS Credit : 30.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite : -