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  Diploma Area Advisor: Sibel Irzık
Gender continues to be a key category of analysis in the social sciences and humanities, and a central concept in national and international public debates. This program aims to introduce the studentst to the major issues and approaches in gender and woman's studies and to equip them with critical skills to analyze the gendered aspects of everyday life, politics, economy,culture and society by combining the analytical tools of disciplines such as anthropology, cultural studies, history literary studies, media studies, political science philosophy, sociology, and visual studies


Course Category Min. ECTS Credits Min. SU Credits Min. Courses
Required Courses - 6 2
Area Elective Courses - 12 4
Total - 18 6

Required Courses

6 SU credits must be completed from the table below. (2 Courses)
  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     GEN 341 Myths of Gender 6 3 FASS
     GEN 444 Gender and Sexuality in Turkey 6 3 FASS

Area Elective Courses

Minimum 12 SU credits must be taken from the pool below. (4 courses)
  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     ANTH 326 Anthropology of the Body 6 3 FASS
     ANTH 340 Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality 6 3 FASS
     CULT 446 Gender and Media 6 3 FASS
     GEN 343 Topics In Gender & Sexuality Studies 6 3 FASS
     GEN 383 Gender and Migration 6 3 FASS
     GEN 385 Migrations and the Family 6 3 FASS
     GEN 399 Independent Study in Gender Studies 6 3 FASS
     GEN 410 Gender and Politics 6 3 FASS
     GEN 441 Gender in the Middle East 6 3 FASS
     GEN 442 Gendered Memories of War and Political Violence 6 3 FASS
     GEN 480 Men and Mesculinities 6 3 FASS
     HART 320 Women Artists 6 3 FASS
     IF 301 Gender in Science and Technology 6 3 FENS
     LIT 445 Gender and Sexuality in Literature 6 3 FASS
     SOC 426 Gender and Work 6 3 FASS
     SOC 432 Sexualities, Sociabilities 6 3 FASS

* Faculty Courses

**Courses in more than one areas are listed in the area according to order of appearence in Summary of Degree Requirements list. That is, if a course is both area elective and core elective,then it is listed in core elective courses list.

***Graduate courses are not listed in undergraduate area requirements even if they are among them.

****Since graduation requirements may change dependent to the enrollment year to the University, we advise our students who enrolled at SU in previous years and still continue their education, to track their graduation requirements completion via Information System - Degree Evaluation.