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  Diploma Area Advisor: Abdurrahman Aydemir, İnci Gümüş, Mehmet Barlo

Economics is often described as the study of how individuals, groups, societies make or should make choices when resources are scarce. The concepts and tools of economic analysis are increasingly used in a variety of fields such as management science or political science, government, law or international relations.

The purpose of the Undergraduate Economics Program at Sabancı University is to provide students with a rigorous foundation in economic theory and its applications. The program is structured to serve a range of interests: For students interested in a deeper exposure to economic science, the program offers higher level courses and orientation for graduate study. For students who aim to serve as professional economists in the private or the public sector, the program develops skills necessary for macro or sectoral economic analysis and for the evaluation, formulation, implementation of monetary, fiscal or regulatory policies. For students who want to pursue careers in business and management, the program offers coursework on strategic analysis and topics such as accounting, finance, marketing.


Course Category Min. ECTS Credits Min. SU Credits Min. Courses
University Courses 75 44 -
Required Courses 40 18 -
Mathematics Requirement Courses 6 3 -
Core Elective Courses 24 12 -
Area Elective Courses 30 15 -
Free Electives 65 33 -
Faculty Courses - - 5
Total 240 125 -


University Courses

From the University Courses listed below, 17 courses and 44 SU credits and 75 ECTS credits must be completed.

- All freshman courses (1XX coded courses, including PROJ 201) and SPS 303 are required.

- Only two of the HUM coded courses listed below are required.

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  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     IF 100 Computational Approaches to Problem Solving 5 3 FENS
     MATH 101 Calculus I 6 3 FENS
     CIP 101N Civic Involvement Projects I-N 1 0 FASS
     NS 101 Science of Nature I 6 4 FENS
     SPS 101 Humanity and Society I 6 3 FASS
     TLL 101 Turkish Language and Literature I 3 2 SL
     AL 102 Academic Literacies 5 3 SL
     MATH 102 Calculus II 6 3 FENS
     NS 102 Science of Nature II 6 4 FENS
     SPS 102 Humanity and Society II 6 3 FASS
     TLL 102 Turkish Language and Literature II 3 2 SL
     HIST 191 Principles of Atatürk and the History of the Turkish Revolution I 3 2 FASS
     HIST 192 Principles of Atatürk and the History of the Turkish Revolution II 3 2 FASS
     HUM 201 Major Works of Literature - Myths and Archetypes 5 3 FASS
     PROJ 201 Undergraduate Project Course 1 1 FENS
     HUM 202 Major Works of Western Art 5 3 FASS
     HUM 203 Major Works of Ottoman Culture 5 3 FASS
     HUM 204 Major Works of Classical Music 5 3 FASS
     HUM 205 Major Works of the Cinema 5 3 FASS
     HUM 206 Major Works of Drama 5 3 FASS
     HUM 211 Major Works of 20th Century Literature 5 3 FASS
     HUM 212 Major Works of Modern Art 5 3 FASS
     HUM 214 Major Works of the Opera 5 3 FASS
     HUM 221 Major Works of the Novel 5 3 FASS
     HUM 222 Major Works of Architecture 5 3 FASS
     HUM 224 Major Works of 20th Century Music 5 3 FASS
     HUM 231 Major Works of Poetry 5 3 FASS
     HUM 232 Major Works of Asian Art 5 3 FASS
     HUM 241 Major Works of Short Fiction 5 3 FASS
     HUM 261 Major Works of World Literature 5 3 FASS
     HUM 271 Major Works in Islamic Literature 5 3 FASS
     SPS 303 Law and Ethics 5 3 FASS

Required Courses

All courses below

  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     ECON 201 Games and Strategies 6 3 FASS
     ECON 202 Macroeconomics 6 3 FASS
     ECON 204 Microeconomics 6 3 FASS
     ECON 301 Econometrics 7 3 FASS
     MATH 203 Introduction to Probability 6 3 FENS
     MATH 306 Statistical Modelling 6 3 FENS
     PROJ 300 Project and Internship 3 0 FASS

Mathematics Requirement Courses

1 course from the pool below

  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     MATH 201 Linear Algebra 6 3 FENS
     MATH 202 Differential Equations 6 3 FENS
     MATH 204 Discrete Mathematics 6 3 FENS

Core Elective Courses

4 courses from the pool below. The extra courses taken from this pool are directly counted towards Area Elective Course requirements.

  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     ECON 310 Game Theory 6 3 FASS
     ECON 320 Public Economics 6 3 FASS
     ECON 330 Industrial Organization 6 3 FASS
     ECON 340 International Economics 6 3 FASS
     ECON 350 Financial Institutions and Markets 6 3 FASS
     ECON 360 Advanced Macroeconomics 7 3 FASS
     ECON 370 Advanced Microeconomics 7 3 FASS
     ECON 430 Labor Economics 6 3 FASS

Area Elective Courses

Min. 5 courses from the ECON coded undergraduate and graduate courses (excluding the ones counted towards the other requirements of the program). With the instructor's and advisor's approvals max. 3 graduate courses can be taken only during the graduation year. The extra courses taken from this pool are directly counted towards Free Elective Course requirements.

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Free Electives

11 courses offered by the university (excluding "University Courses"). At most 2 of the Begining / Basic level language courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for this area.

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Faculty Courses

  • At least 5 courses should be completed from FENS, FASS and SOM Faculty Courses, At least three of these courses must be from the pool the pool of FASS Faculty Courses,
  • These five courses must be distributed over at least three out of eight areas: the FENS and SOM pool of faculty courses counting as seventh and eighth area in addition to the six FASS areas (CULT, ECON, HART, PSYCH, SPS/POLS/IR, VA)
  • These courses may have been taken while fulfilling the other degree requirements for the program.
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    * Faculty Courses

    **Courses in more than one areas are listed in the area according to order of appearence in Summary of Degree Requirements list. That is, if a course is both area elective and core elective,then it is listed in core elective courses list.

    ***Graduate courses are not listed in undergraduate area requirements even if they are among them.

    ****Since graduation requirements may change dependent to the enrollment year to the University, we advise our students who enrolled at SU in previous years and still continue their education, to track their graduation requirements completion via Information System - Degree Evaluation.