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  Diploma Area Advisor: Selçuk Artut

The honors minor program in Art Theory and Criticism merges diverse aspects of visual studies into a unique curriculum, providing the students with an understanding of the major intellectual trends and debates in the visual arts, including art history, theory, criticism, and museum studies. This comprises a study of the new philosophies of vision that have emerged over the past decades and affected our ways of seeing and the new technologies and media that have redefined lifestyles and social relations. A significant aspect of the program is its critical approach. New methods and theories drawn from a variety of disciplines provide students with an intellectually challenging and stimulating venue where they can develop analytical skills to explore the visual arts and their intellectual and theoretical underpinnings. The broad scope of this innovative program ranging from art history and theory to criticism and curatorship, includes an interactive study experience in Istanbul's art exhibitions, in particular the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, offering our students a unique opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge.


Course Category Min. ECTS Credits Min. SU Credits Min. Courses
Required Courses - 6 2
Core Electives - 9 3
Area Electives - 3 1
Total - 18 6


Required Courses

All the courses below are required.

  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     HUM 202 Major Works of Western Art 5 3 FASS
     HUM 212 Major Works of Modern Art 5 3 FASS

Core Electives

Minimum 9 credits must be taken from the pool below

  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     HART 213 History of Photography and Moving Image 6 3 FASS
     HART 234 Classical Mythology in Art 6 3 FASS
     HART 292 From Modern to Contemporary Art 6 3 FASS
     HART 293 Contemporary Art 6 3 FASS
     HART 311 Renaissance Art 6 3 FASS
     HART 413 Visual Arts in Turkey 6 3 FASS
     HART 414 Post 60 Turkish Art 6 3 FASS
     HART 450 Caravaggio 6 3 FASS
     HART 480 Bauhaus 6 3 FASS
     VA 315 Visual Culture 7 3 FASS
     VA 420 Concepts & Debates in Contemporary Art 6 3 FASS
     VA 430 Art Analysis: Theory and Criticism 6 3 FASS

Area Electives

The area elective must be taken from HART, VIS or FILM coded undergraduate courses and other courses from the list.

  Course Name ECTS Credits SU Credits Faculty
     FILM 231 Introduction to Film Studies 6 3 FASS
     FILM 331 Approaches to Film Studies 6 3 FASS
     FILM 335 Critical Perspectives on Turkish Cinema 6 3 FASS
     FILM 345 International Cinemas 6 3 FASS
     FILM 390 Topics in Film Studies 6 3 FASS
     FILM 424 Anthropology and Film 6 3 FASS
     FILM 432 Vision, Representation and Cinema 6 3 FASS
     FILM 435 Documentary: Context and Practice-I 6 3 FASS
     FILM 436 Documentary Context and Practice-II 6 3 FASS
     FILM 452 Psychoanalysis and Film 6 3 FASS
     HART 312 Renaissance Visuality II (Cinquecento) 6 3 FASS
     HART 320 Women Artists 6 3 FASS
     HART 323 Art and Power 6 3 FASS
     HART 330 The Imaginary of the Middle Ages in Modern Art and Popular Culture 6 3 FASS
     HART 333 Heavenly Spires: Introduction to Medieval European Art and Architecture 6 3 FASS
     HART 334 Roman Art in Context 6 3 FASS
     HART 392 Art in the Age of Transition (from Renaiss. to Early Modern) 6 3 FASS
     HART 411 Art in the age of Revolt: Early Modernity 6 3 FASS
     HART 424 Art Project at the Museum 6 1 FASS
     HART 425 Art & History at the Museum 6 3 FASS
     HART 426 Leonardo and Michelangelo: Heroes of the Renaissance 6 3 FASS
     HART 431 The Dome of Gold : The Art of the Byzantine Empire 6 3 FASS
     HART 432 Post-1945 American Art 6 3 FASS
     HART 434 Art and Architecture of the Medieval Mediterranean 6 3 FASS
     HART 444 Designing the Nation. Art and Nationalism 6 3 FASS
     PHIL 322 Philosophy of Art 6 3 FASS
     VIS 308 The Business of Art 6 3 FASS
     VIS 310 The New Media 6 3 FASS
     VIS 412 Museums and Contemporary Arts 6 3 FASS

* Faculty Courses

**Courses in more than one areas are listed in the area according to order of appearence in Summary of Degree Requirements list. That is, if a course is both area elective and core elective,then it is listed in core elective courses list.

***Graduate courses are not listed in undergraduate area requirements even if they are among them.

****Since graduation requirements may change dependent to the enrollment year to the University, we advise our students who enrolled at SU in previous years and still continue their education, to track their graduation requirements completion via Information System - Degree Evaluation.