Internal Research Projects

To uphold its mission, Sabancı University provides support to ambitious inter-faculty or intra-faculty research projects that significantly expand the boundaries of research at the university through its Internal Research Fund. The objective of Internal Research Projects is to enable SU to be a part of advanced scientific studies, application and international research networks on emerging fields of research in order to find new commercial avenues, and support the creation of a highly-qualified workforce.

Types of projects eligible for support under Internal Research Projects:

a) Support for Extraordinary Ideas:

  • Projects on a critical/newly-emerging field of research that may not be able to secure grant funding at this stage, but bear important scientific, technological or societal implications

b) Applications to Centers of Excellence:

  • Projects that focus on a strategic research area based on universal developments and national priorities, and create a critical mass composed of faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students, and other researchers in the same field.

c) Extensive Cooperation Projects:

  • Projects involving cooperation between Faculties on subjects identified during the WIN (What is Next) discussions of the university. Particularly, research on energy, environment and water

d) Cooperation with External Stakeholders:

  • Projects developed in conjunction with one or more of other universities, research institutions, R&D centers and/or private sector companies. Additional requirements for these projects:
  • Planning for using the research facilities of the university and partner institutions in a harmonized and complementary manner to the extent possible;
  • Equal funding (in cash and kind) committed by all project stakeholders, and planning for each stakeholder using their own committed resources within itself.

e) Country Agenda and in line with immediate needs Applications:

  • Researches that have a critical and social content with developing country agenda.

Unless specified otherwise by URC members, project calls are made once a year, and submissions are made in the first quarter of the year as of 2017. Each center may only apply once for Center of Excellence projects.

Please contact the Research Project Development Office (PDO) for more information.