The Foundations Development Year

The Foundations Development Program consists of two important educational stages, Foundations Development Year (FDY) and the University Courses. During FDY a condense English education program is performed, starting from basic, intermediate and upper-intermediate levels. FDY language courses and the related exams are offered by the School of Languages. To gain exemption from FDY, students should be successful in English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE) or Exemption Exams from the FDY. Please click for the details about Exemption Exams from the FDY.

Students who gain FDY exemption become freshmen. All freshman courses are University Courses, there are also some University Courses in later years of instruction. The University Courses which have to be taken by freshman students are one of the fundamental elements supporting the structure of interdisciplinary approach with the absence of traditional departments. This structure introduces students the interdisciplinary approach that will be faced in faculty courses.

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