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Sabanci University and Sabanci University Inovent A.Ş. provide services and run projects for idea-stage entrepreneur candidates, fast-growing startups, academics developing commercial technologies, medium-sized businesses seeking funds.


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SUCOOL provides support to early-stage entrepreneurs who have a business idea, and organizes projects, programs and events to raise awareness and enrich the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey. Together with the Sabancı University Entrepreneurship Council, SUCOOL offers fundamental training to early-stage entrepreneurs or others who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

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Find Your Launch Customer: SUCOOL Enterprise Acceleration Center

SUCOOL is the technology-based and innovative startup acceleration center of Sabancı University that focuses on mobile and web platforms and hardware or software-based enterprises. SUCOOL supports its entrepreneurs through training, mentorship, office space, legal counseling, and customer or investor introductions, and organizes tours abroad to promote its startups. Founded in 2013, SUCOOL had supported more than 35 startups by the end of 2016.

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INOVENT A.Ş. for existing companies that focus on international growth

INOVENT A.Ş. was founded by Sabancı Üniversitesi in 2006 as Turkey's first technology commercialization and seed fund company. INOVENT focuses on commercializing technologies available in universities, and has 19 technology companies in its portfolio as of 2016.

As an accelerator, Inovent aims to create startups that will become strong enough to sustain itself within 2 to 5 years of establishment. Inovent provides seed capital, strategic management, marketing and business plan support, legal counseling, IP management support, contract and negotiation assistance, and opportunities for making soft landings in international markets.

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SUCOOL and Inovent A.Ş. organize entrepreneurship camps in the US, UK, Germany and Singapore, and provides investor and customer connections.

For more information about INOVENT: Inovent Website

For more information about SUCOOL: SUCOOL Website