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FENS Professional Graduate Programs

Admission Requirements for Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences

The goal of the Professional Graduate Studies at Sabancı University is to develop the knowledge by researches. With the academic approaches based on this vision, education of new scientists will be encouraged and it will be possible for these scientific studies to be useful in social benefits.

 Information Technology

Created with the purpose of offering training and education for the field of Information Technologies, Professional Master's Degree provides a 1 year comprehensive education enabling prospective applicants for careers in this field.


 Data Analytics

Big data is paving the way to empower businesses to make better decisions: With the amount of digital data increasing at an enormous rate, rigorous research is carried out in an effort to extract value from the massive data sets, to turn them into smarter decisions for improving business results. The emerging field of Data Analytics holds the key to unleashing that potential.

 Energy Technologies and Management

The program is for professionals and graduates with broad training in engineering, economics, business administration, policy and regulation. Candidates can arrange study programs suited to their interests and aspirations through their choice of optional courses and research projects.



Our new Master Program in Nanotechnology is designed to provide critical skills for professionals and graduates who want to develop their careers in nanotechnology-based applications. The program fulfills today's growing need for specialists at global and national levels.