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FASS Graduate Programs

Admission Requirements for Graduate Programs

At FASS we are dedicated to scholarly excellence gauged by international standards. Our faculty members engage in leading research in collaboration with colleagues from prestigious universities around the world, as well as our graduate students.

 European Studies

With three Jean-Monnet Chairs and an expert body of academicians, European Studies MA program is a center of attraction for students who wish to specialize in the politics of the Union, its relations with Turkey and enlargement issues.

 Economics (MA & PhD)

Economics MA and PhD programs are built on a core foundation in a design that facilitates mobility between the two programs. In their common core, these programs equip the student with a solid background in economic theory and application techniques.

 Visual Arts & Communication Design

Obtaining the MA degree of the Visual Art and Visual Communication Design graduate program involves a 4 semester long period of rigorous study which combines studio work in art, design or theoretical study related to these fields, and which form the three main tracks of the program. 

 Public Policy

Public Policy MA Program aims to equip students with the theoretical and practical skills required to design, implement, and evaluate public policies.

 Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies MA Program brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars with a commitment to fostering new ways of analyzing and participating in contemporary cultural dynamics in Turkey and around the world.

 Political Science (MA & PhD)

Political Science MA and PhD programs offer a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the major fields of Political Science and provides the students with a rigorous conceptual framework, basic analytical tools and sound methodological training in the discipline.

 History (MA & PhD)

MA and PhD programs in History concentrates on Ottoman and Modern Turkish History. It aims to foster fresh, unbiased and critical visions of the Ottoman-Turkish past that are informed by the novel theoretical insights and comparative sensibilities characterizing leading-edge practice in historical studies..

 Turkish Studies

Turkish Studies MA program is the first such interdisciplinary graduate program in Turkey with English language instruction. Its primary purpose is to meet the growing international demand for knowledge about and a deeper understanding of Turkey.

 Conflict Analysis & Resolution

Conflict Analysis and Resolution MA Program, consistent with the philosophy and mission of the University, aims to take a regional lead in providing support for peacemaking and conflict prevention schemes on the ground.