Exchange Incoming Important Dates


For 2017-2018 Fall Semester

Online course registrations: TBA (online)

Bureaucratic visits: TBA

Earliest entrance to dorms: 9 Sept (Deadline for dorm payment 30 September)

Orientation week: 12-15 September 2017

Start of MBA Courses: 18 September 2017

Start of Courses: 18 September 2017

Add- Drop period: TBA (online)

End of courses: 22 December 2017 ( 29 December for MBA)

Final exams: 23 December 2017 -5 January 2018

Final Exams for MBA: 2-6 January 2018

Last date for dorm check out: 6 January

(Transcripts will be sent within 5 weeks after the grade submission, Spring MBA/MIF transcripts will be sent by September since MBA/MIF grade submission is in August. If you are bachelor level student and take MBA MIF courses, your grade submission will be in August as well.)

For 2016-2017 Spring Semester

Online course registrations: 26 - 27 Jan 2017(online)

Bureaucratic visits: TBA

Earliest entrance to dorms: 28 Jan (For MBA: 21 Jan) (15 Feb-Deadline for dorm payment)

Orientation week: 31 Jan-2 Feb 2017

Start of MBA Course: 23 Jan

Start of Courses: 6 Feb 2017

Add- Drop period: 23 - 24 Feb (online)

End of courses: 18 May ( 5 May for MBA)

Final exams: 22 May-2 Jun 2017

Final Exams for MBA: 8-12 May 2017