Graduate programs in Economics are built on a common solid training in economic theory, statistical methods and econometrics, equivalent in content and rigor to the first year of top graduate programs worldwide. The flexible structure of the programs is designed to meet a wide range of student objectives. Academically oriented students are trained to attain scientific competence and conduct independent and original research conforming with the highest international standards. Students who aim to serve as economists or researchers in the public or private sector are equipped with highly demanded skills in economic analysis and policy.

Economics MA Program Objectives

The MA in economics program provides highly demanded skills in economic analysis and policy for students seeking jobs in the public or private sector. The program also prepares the academically oriented student to excel in PhD studies. The first year program consists of a total of 24 credit hours in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. The second year presents two options: a Master Thesis plus 9 credit hours or a Term Project plus 12 credit hours from advanced elective courses.

Program Specific Outcomes of Master of Arts in Economics

Economics PhD Program Objectives

Connected in design with the Master's program in economics, the PhD program offers the student a solid training to attain scientific competence and conduct independent and original research, conforming with the highest international standards. Though the program is naturally academically oriented, its objectives include to equip the students who aim to serve as researcher in the public or private sector with advanced methods and ability to use leading-edge application techniques.

Economics PhD Program Outcomes

Current Courses and Course Catalog

Research Areas

  • Labor Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Matching Theory
  • Urban Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Mechanism Design
  • International Economics
  • Taxation
  • Game Theory
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Energy Economics

​​​​​​Faculty Members

  • Mustafa Oğuz Afacan
  • Yusuf Emre Akgündüz (Visiting)
  • Ahmet Alkan (Emeritus)
  • Abdurrahman Aydemir
  • Erdal Aydın
  • Mehmet Baç
  • Mehmet Barlo
  • Ivan Lopez Cruz
  • Alpay Filiztekin
  • İnci Gümüş
  • Eren İnci
  • Esra Durceylan Kaygusuz
  • Remzi Kaygusuz
  • Özgür Kıbrıs
  • Hakkı Yazıcı
  • Bahri Yılmaz (Emeritus)

Grants, Awards and Fellowships

  • Abdurrahman Aydemir gained best paper reward in the subject of Labor and Human Development in Economic Research Forum 21st Annual Conference in 2015
  • Abdurrahman Aydemir received research grant from Economics Research Forum in the subject of Returns to Schooling in Egypt (2015)
  • Abdurrahman Aydemir and Hakkı Yazıcı received Internal Research Grant in 2014
  • Abdurrahman Aydemir and Hakkı Yazıcı received Research Grant from TUBITAK in 2014
  • Ivan Lopez Cruz is a fellow of the National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico since 2016
  • İnci Gümüş received Science Academy Young Scientist Award in 2018
  • Eren İnci was rewarded The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey Incentive Award by TUBITAK in 2018
  • Eren İnci gained Ron Rice Award for the Best Conference Paper at Canadian Transportation Research Forum in 2017
  • Eren İnci received Best Overall Paper Prize at the Annual Conference of the International Transportation Economics Association, Chile in 2016
  • Eren İnci gained Turkish Academy of Sciences Outstanding Young Scientist Award in 2014
  • Remzi Kaygusuz received Career Grant from TUBITAK in the subject of “Hanehalkları ve Refah Devleti” in 2014
  • Hakkı Yazıcı gained Science Academy of Young Scientist Award in 2019
  • Hakkı Yazıcı has received Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowship from European University Institute in 2019
  • Hakkı Yazıcı received Career Grant from TUBITAK in 2015
  • Hakkı Yazıcı received Internal Research Grant between 2013-2015

Alumni Stories

Zeren Tatar Taşpınar (Ph.D. in Economics, 2016): Zeren Tatar Taşpınar has successfully completed our Ph.D. Program in 2016. She continues her studies as an assistant professor in Bahçeşehir University Economics department.
Saadettin Haluk Çitçi (Ph.D. in Economics, 2012): Saadettin Haluk Çitçi graduated from our Ph.D Program in 2012 and he is now working as Vice Dean in Gebze Technical University since 2018.
Semih Üslü (B.A in Economics, 2012): Semih Üslü completed our B.A degree in 2012 and placed in UCLA to receive his Ph.D. degree in Economics. Since 2016, he is an assistant professor in John Hopkins Carey Business School Finance Department.
Yeliz Kaçamak (M.A in Economics, 2011): Yeliz Kacamak graduated from our M.A program in 2011 and completed her Ph.D. degree in Economics at University of Michigan in 2018. She is currently an assistant professor in Boğaziçi University Economics Department.
Can Urgun (M.A in Economics, 2011): Can Urgun completed our M.A program in 2011 and went on to successfully receive his Ph.D. degree in Managerial Economics and Strategy at Northwestern University in 2017. He continues his academic career in Princeton University as an assistant professor.
Murat Alp Çelik (B.A in Economics, 2010): Murat Alp Celik has graduated from our B.A Program in 2010 and he received his Ph.D degree in Economics from University of Pennsylvania in 2016. He is now an assistant professor in University of Pennsylvania Economics department.

Outstanding Graduate Placements (2014-2018)

Application Requirements

  • Official Transcript
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Sample Work
  • CV
  • ALES, GRE or GAT scores
  • English Proficiency Exam (TOEFL IBT, PTE Academic, CAE, CPE, YDS, e-YDS or YÖKDİL)

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Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship evaluations for the candidates are made during the acceptance of their SU program. Graduate scholarship recipients are proposed by the Admission Jury based on students' academic history, then evaluated by the related Graduate School Administrative Board. Please click here for detailed information..


For further information about Graduate Program, please contact Economics Program Coordinator Remzi Kaygusuz remzi.kaygusuz@sabanciuniv.edu.