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The Lake

The Sabancı University campus has an artificial and a natural lake.

The artificial lake used to be an amorphous pit with depth reaching 7 to 8 meters in places.  It was understood that this was the site of illegal sand extraction.  Instead of filling the pit with excavated soil, it was decided to create an artificial lake.  The bottom of the lake was leveled and covered with clay, onto which gravel was placed.  Since it would take very long for the pit to fill with rain, stormwater drains of buildings were piped to the lake in addition to treated sewage.  This filled the lake very quickly, and the lake served as a reservoir for irrigation water even in the driest seasons.  In time, seagulls brought fish eggs to the lake, starting a natural life cycle.

The water in the lake meets the irrigation needs of the campus landscape even during the driest season.