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Code EE 631
Term 200802
Title Integrated Optics and Optoelectronics
Faculty Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Subject Electronics Engineering(EE)
SU Credit 3
ECTS Credit 10.00
Instructor(s) Cem Ozturk,
Language of Instruction English
Level of Course Doctoral
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(only for SU students)
Planned Learning Activities Case Study,Discussion,Interactive Lesson,Lecture,Project,Seminar,

Electric/optical waveguides and the effective index method, symmetric and asymmetric slab guides, ray optics approach, losses and gains in waveguide; optical input and output couplers; coupling of modes, directional couplers distributed feedback structures and coupled semiconductor laser arrays, near and far field patterns; electroabsorption and gain, interband and intersubband transitions, quantum-well semiconductor lasers.


To teach students the fundamentals of semiconductor based Photonic Integrated Circuits. The main topics that will be coverd are:
Semiconductor waveguides, effective index and 2-D finite difference method for mode solutions; Coupled-mode Theory and Super-mode approach to coupling; Directional Couplers, Bragg gratings (Reflectors and grating assisted couplers), Butt-coupling; Propagation and bending losses; Y-branches, interferometers, beam splitters, MMI devices; Optical resonators, microresonators and whispering gallery modes; Design of semiconductor based devices for WDM applications: Tunable quantum-well lasers, tunable filters, add/drop filters, EO and EA modulators, wavelength converters, wavelength switches, etc; Fabrication of compound semiconductor photonic devices; Photonic integration and photonic integrated circuits

Programme Outcomes
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