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Code PUBL 599
Term 201601
Title Master's Thesis
Faculty Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Subject Public Policy(PUBL)
SU Credit 0
ECTS Credit 30.00
Instructor(s) ?zak Atiyas,
Language of Instruction English
Level of Course Doctoral
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(only for SU students)

The purpose of this non-credit course is to monitor and provide guidanceto students in their process of thesis research and writing under the supervision of professors.

Learning Outcome

By the end of this course a student is expected to have reached the following learning outcomes:

a) Identify and formulate a primary research quesion as well as possibly a number of secondary research questions in the field of public policy
b) Develop the main hypotheses regarding these research questions
c) Undertake a synthetic literature review that goes beyond summarizing the relevant literature but identify key their contributions regarding the stated research questions as well as the main gaps in the literature, paving the way to the main contribution of the master thesis being undertaken
d) Develop an analytical and methodological framework to be used to address the research questions and related hypotheses
f) Gather relevant qualitative and quantitative evidence or data
e) Use the analtical framework and the evidence to answer the research questions and test the hypotheses
f) Greatly improve writing skills and skills required to develop and defend an argument

Programme Outcomes
Common Outcomes For All Programs
1 Develop the ability to use critical, analytical, and reflective thinking and reasoning 5
2 Reflect on social and ethical responsibilities in his/her professional life. 4
3 Gain experience and confidence in the dissemination of project/research outputs 5
4 Work responsibly and creatively as an individual or as a member or leader of a team and in multidisciplinary environments. 4
5 Communicate effectively by oral, written, graphical and technological means and have competency in English. 5
6 Independently reach and acquire information, and develop appreciation of the need for continuously learning and updating. 5
Common Outcomes ForFaculty of Arts & Social Sci.
1 Develop a thorough knowledge of theories, concepts, and research methods in the field and apply them in research design and data analysis. 5
2 Assess the impact of the economic, social, and political environment from a global, national and regional level. 4
3 Know how to access written and visual, primary and secondary sources of information, interpret concepts and data from a variety of sources in developing disciplinary and interdisciplinary analyses. 5
1 Design and model engineering systems and processes and solve engineering problems with an innovative approach.
2 Establish experimental setups, conduct experiments and/or simulations.
3 Analytically acquire and interpret data.
1 Establish a strong theoretical background in several of a broad range of subjects related to the discipline, such as manufacturing processes, service systems design and operation, production planning and control, modeling and optimization, stochastics, statistics.
2 Develop novel modeling and / or analytical solution strategies for problems in integrated production and service systems involving human capital, materials, information, equipment, and energy, also using an interdisciplinary approach whenever appropriate.
3 Implement solution strategies on a computer platform for decision-support purposes by employing effective computational and experimental tools.
4 Acquire skills to independently explore and tackle problems related to the discipline that were not encountered previously. Develop appropriate modeling, solution, implementation strategies, and assess the quality of the outcome.
Public Policy (with thesis) Program Outcomes Master Thesis
1 Understand the policy-making process in the contemporary world. 5
2 Contribute to the design of public policy using a multidisciplinary perspective in specific policy areas. 5
3 Develop ability to evaluate the impact of public policy. 5