İsmet İnonu  Kaya

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İsmet İnonu Kaya

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Education :

BS in EE, Middle East Tech. Univ., 1987 MS in Physics, Middle East Tech. Univ., 1990 PhD in Physics, Bilkent Univ., 1997

Work Experience :

Rowland Institute at Harvard, 1999-2003 Max-Planck Institute-FKF, Stuttgart, 1997-99 Bilkent University, 1992-1997 Arcelik Inc, 1991-1992 Aselsan Inc, 1986-1990

Areas of Interest :

Electron transport in nanostructures Quantum Hall effect Scanning tunneling microscopy

Awards :

  • Rowland Institute Fellowship -  1999
  • Sabanci Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Nato Postdoctoral Fellowship - Sabanci Foundation  1999
  • Max-Planck Fellowship -  1997

Membership :

Amerikan Fizik Toplulugu

Publications :

Kasap, Sibel and Khaksaran, Mohammad Hadi and Çelik, Süleyman and Özkaya, Hasan and Yanık, Cenk and Kaya, İsmet İnönü (2015) "Controlled growth of large area multilayer graphene on copper by chemical vapour deposition", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol.17, No.35, 23081-23087 (SCI)
Yanık, Cenk and Kaya, İsmet İnönü (2013) "Local breakdown of the quantum Hall effect in narrow single layer graphene Hall devices", Solid State Communications, Vol.160, 47-51 (SCI)
Kaya, İsmet İnönü (2013) "Nonequilibrium transport and the Bernoulli effect of electrons in a two-dimensional electron gas", Modern Physics Letters B, Vol.27, No.4 (SCI)
Çelebi, Cem and Yanık, Cenk and Günay Demirkol, Anıl and Kaya, İsmet İnönü (2013) "Control of the graphene growth rate on capped SiC surface under strong Si confinement", Applied Surface Science, Vol.264, 56-60 (SCI)
Çelebi, Cem and Yanık, Cenk and Günay Demirkol, Anıl and Kaya, İsmet İnönü (2012) "The effect of a SIC cap on the growth of epitaxial graphene on SIC in ultra high vacuum", Carbon, Vol.50, No.8, 3026-3031 (SCI)
Günay Demirkol, Anıl and Kaya, İsmet İnönü (2012) "Tuning of nanogap size in high tensile stress silicon nitride thin films", Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol.83, No.5 (SCI)
Yi, W. and Kaya, İsmet İnönü and Altfeder, I. B. and Appelbaum, I. and Chen, D. M. and Narayanamurti, V. (2005) "Dual-probe scanning tunneling microscope for study of nanoscale metal-semiconductor interfaces", Review of scientific instruments, Vol.76, No.6 (SCI)
Before SU Publications:

K Guven, RR Gerhards, I I Kaya, BE Sagol, G Nachtwei, Two level model for the generation and relaxation of hot electrons near the breakdown of the quantum Hall effect, Phys. Rev. B 65, 155316 (2002). AN Grigorenko, GD Howells, SJ Bending, J Bekaert, MJ Van Bael, L Look, VV Moshchalkov, Y Bruynseraede, G Borghs, I I Kaya, RA Stradling, Direct Imaging of Commensurate Vortex Structures in Ordered Antidot Arrays, Phys. Rev. B 63, 5, 052504 (2001). I I Kaya, G Nachtwei, K von Klitzing, K Eberl, Spatially resolved monitoring of the evolution of the breakdown of the quantum Hall effect: Direct observation of inter-Landau-level tunneling, Europhys Lett, 46, 62 (1999). A Oral, JC Barnard, SJ Bending, I I Kaya, S Ooi, T Tamegai, M Henini, Direct Observation of Melting of the Vortex Solid in BiSrCaCuO, Phys Rev Lett 80, 3610 (1998). I I Kaya, G Nachtwei, K Klitzing, K Eberl, Spatial Evolution of Hot Electron Relaxation on quantum Hall Conductors, Phys Rev B-Rapid Comm. 58, R7536 (1998). I I Kaya et. al, In-situ Focused Ion Beam Implantation for the fabrication of a Hot Electron Transistor, Sem Sci and Tech 11, 135 (1996).