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Students Documentation

How do I obtain a transcript?

How do I obtain a Student Certificate?

How do I get a Student ID Card?

How do I obtain a bus pass card (Paso)?

For application to a university abroad, how can I get a document stating SU is recognized by The Ministry of National Education?

I have been accepted to the graduate program as a special student with incomplete documents. What is the deadline for completing my incomplete documents?

What is the procedure if I can not complete my incomplete documents by the deadline?

If I should be admitted as a full time student for a graduate program by the time I complete my incomplete documents, will the courses I took as a special student be counted towards my program?

How do I obtain a Diploma Supplement?

To obtain a Diploma Supplement after your graduation;

The first issue of DS is free of charge following graduation. If you want to receive a Diploma Supplement more than one,you have to apply to the Student Resources with the receipt showing that you have paid 30 TL. to account stated below, together with a "Diploma Supplement Application Form " by the following ways:
(Account Number: Akbank Sabancı University (Branch code 713) Account No: 9999 
IBAN NO: TR53 0004 6007 1388 8000 0099 99)

  • Come to Student Resources that is located on the entrance floor of the President's building, to submit your request.
  • Fax a request to: (0216) 483 90 73.
  • Your Diploma Supplement willl be prepared in one week.
You may reach "Diploma Supplement Application Form" from the Principles and Instruction Letters web site.

I would like to receive a Disciplinary Record Document, what do I do?

What are the conditions for obtaining High Honor Certificates?

How can I get the document stating the language of instruction of Sabancı is English?

Do I need to submit English Proficiency Exam Result although I have graduated from Sabancı University?

What shall I do if I change my address or phone number?

Can I learn my rank information?

Deferment Procedure?

Deferment Procedure?

How can I make ALES applicaiton?

How can I pick up mı ID Card?

I can't remember my passwod?

How can I learn the important dates such as course registrations, semester holidays, etc?

I'm covered with 'Bağ-Kur' within the framework of 5510 numbered regulation. When I have part-time student job, is my 'Bağ-Kur' canceled?

How can I find 'The Agreement of Part Time Student Jobs'?

Which Unit will 'The Agreement of Part Time Student Jobs' be submited to?

How can I find the student application list for part-time jobs?

How many hours can students work in part-time student jobs?

What is the validity period of 'The Agreement of Part Time Student Jobs'? What is agreement date to be?

I have scholarship from "Kredi ve Yurtlar Kurumu". Is my scholarship canceled if I work in a part-time job?

Is part-time job fee paid when a student works in more than one units?

I'm a master student with full scholarship. Can I work in a part-time job?

I have been paid orphan pension by SGK. Can I work in a part-time job?

I have green passport. Is my passport cancelled if I work for part time?

I am obtaining a personal loan from KYK. If I am assured from an institution, can I get this personal loan?

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