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Research at Sabancı University

As part of its philosophy, Sabancı University aims to direct its research efforts primarily towards applied and strategic research with the objectives of advancing knowledge, supporting teaching and contributing to the progress of the community. The research activities at the university aim to enrich educational programs while contributing to social and economic development at regional, national and international level.

Research at Sabancı University is an interdisciplinary effort extending across all branches of science, technology and arts, taking place in Faculties, Centers and Forums.


 Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

 School of Management



 Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SU-NUM)

 Istanbul Policy Center

  Istanbul International Centre for Energy and Climate (IICEC)

  Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF)

  Gender and Women’s Studies Research and Application Center

Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Research and Application Center

Data Analytics Research and Application Center

Research and Application Center for Funcitonal Surfaces and Interfaces for Nano-Diagnostics


Research Forums

 TÜSİAD-Sabancı University Competitiveness Forum

 Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey


Research and Graduate Policy Directorate

At Sabancı University, research management process is conducted by Research and Graduate Policies (RGP) Directorate since 2001. RGP is a unique and exemplary model that sets an example to other universities in Turkey, supporting the development of strategic objectives in research and the implementation of policies with a view towards encouraging the conversion of scientific and technological developments to social and economic benefit, and the advancement of research activities and innovative ventures.

RGP is involved in the development and management of research projects, conducting long-term collaborative research efforts with the private sector, entrepreneurship, technology transfer and intellectual property management, and executes an institutional approach to research management. RGP employs an integrated and centralized mechanism to support the establishment of strategic objectives and the implementation of policies developed.

Research processes and researchers are supported through an integrated interface mechanism via RGP offices; RGP aims to achieve sustainability in the research processes of Sabancı University.

 Research and Graduate Policies Directorate website


RGP Offices

Research Planning and Policy Development Office (RPD)

Research Projects Development Office (PDO)

University-Industry Collaboration and Enterprise Europe Network Istanbul (EEN)

Research Projects Management Office (PMO)

Intellectual Property, Licensing and Contracts Office (IPLC)

Pre-Incubation and Accelerator Services Center (Start-Up Company League (SU-COOL))

Inovent A.Ş.