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FENS Graduate Programs

Admission Requirements for Graduate Programs

The goal of the Graduate Studies at Sabancı University is to develop the knowledge by researches. With the academic approaches based on this vision, education of new scientists will be encouraged and it will be possible for these scientific studies to be useful in social benefits.

 Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Bioengineering (MSc & PhD)

 The Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Bioengineering graduate program is designed to offer a careful balance of fundamental courses such as biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology with extensive project and application oriented courses.

 Computer Science and Engineering (MSc & PhD)

 Computer Science and Engineering has contributed immensely in shaping our lives in many areas encompassing communication, commerce, medicine, education, entertainment, and human interaction, to name a few.

 Electronics Engineering (MSc & PhD)

 The purpose of the program is to develop student abilities and enable proficiency in an area such as analog/digital hardware design, electromagnetics and optics, communication theory, hardware and networks, or signal processing.

 Industrial Engineering (MSc & PhD)

 Industrial Engineering Program is designed to provide the students with computing, quantitative, analytical, and applications skills and to prepare them as entrepreneurs, problem solvers, effective decision-makers, and change agents in a competitive business environment or as prospective scientists in the academics.

Manufacturing Engineering Manufacturing Engineering (MSc & PhD)

 The Manufacturing Engineering Program deals with integrated science and technologies to develop and improve innovative products and manufacturing processes.

 Materials Science and Nano Engineering (MSc & PhD)

 Materials Science and Nano Engineering focuses on developing synthetic and biological polymers, ceramics and metals.

The current interests concentrate in mainly two areas; analysis and its applications (applied functional analysis, differential equations, numerical analysis), algebra and number theory and their applications (in particular, modular forms, finite fields, coding theory, and cryptography).

 Mechatronics Engineering (MSc & PhD)

The goal of the graduate education in Mechatronics is to integrate basic engineering disciplines into a meaningful program for educating graduates who are conversant with all of the relevant technologies needed to create modern and smart products.

 Physics (PhD)

Physics PhD program offers world class research opportunities in high energy astrophysics, condensed matter physics and statistical physics.