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Graduate Fees

Tuition and other fees at Sabancı University are determined each year by the Board of Trustees on an annual basis. Each year fee increase rate for current students; will not exceed the %5 of the tuition fees specified on the basis of US dollars according to the entrance years to the university and the increase rate for tuition fees specified on the basis of TL, can be parallel to the inflation rate of the year before.


The tuition fee for each term can be paid in cash or in installments during the term.Payments for the semester are being done in installments within the cooperation of University and Akbank. Installments are being applied only for tuition fee payments. There is no possibility of installment for the students registered in Professional Graduate Programs without thesis, MBA and MIF programs for the parts paid by the institutions they are affiliated.

·         Payment Conditions

·         Tuition and other fees for 2017-2018

·         Semester Fee and payments

The average * of Turkish Central Bank's official exchange selling rate is taken for calculation of the fees based on US dollars in translation to TL. First installment (Fall term) is in the first week of August, second installment (Spring term) is in the first week of January and the third installment (Summer term) is in the first week of May is taken into consideration.

(*) Average exchange rate is calculated like; exchange rates of the five working days of the relevant weeks are added, the highest and the lowest exchange rate of the relevant week is subtracted from the total sum and arithmetic average of this total sum is taken.