Other Users


References & Guidance
Copying & Printing 



  • Those who are not included in the above groups may apply for membership in order to utilize the services and facilities provided by the Information Center by filling out the Information Center Registration Form.
  • Those, who are not regarded as appropriate for membership, are notified.
  • The ones, who are regarded as appropriate, are given a daily permission for using the services and facilities of the Information Center in accordance with the "Information Center General Rules Document".
  • Among the ones who want to use the services and facilities for a longer period, those whose requests are regarded as appropriate, start their monthly membership process by submitting a photocopy of their ID card and a photo, and by paying their membership fees, in accordance with the Membership Fees Document.
  • Users whose membership period is over may request for the renewal of their membership periods.
  • The permission given to other external users related to using the services is cancelled if they do not obey the rules pertaining to services. Their membership fees are not paid back, and their later applications for membership are not accepted for 3 years.


Reference & Guidance 

  • Other external users can utilize the orientation programs.


Copying & Printing

  • Administrative staff can use photocopy and other duplication services by making the necessary payments and in accordance with copyright rules.