Who is who

  Adnan Çapa
University Archives Specialist
Tel: 9203
Mail: acapa@sabanciuniv.edu
  Bahadır Barut
Interlibrary Loan and Collection Development Specialist
Tel: 9224
Mail: bbarut@sabanciuniv.edu
  Burcu Ersoy
Cataloging and Research Database Specialist
Tel: 9206
Mail: burcuersoy@sabanciuniv.edu
  Cem Özel
Customer Services Manager
Tel: 9220
Mail: cozel@sabanciuniv.edu
  Ceyhun Özden
University Archives Officer
Tel: 9210
Mail: ceyhuno@sabanciuniv.edu
  Çiğdem Özyürek
Information Center Support Officer
Mail: cigdemo@sabanciuniv.edu
  Çiyse Öztan
Administrative Affairs Officer
Tel: 9214
Mail: ciyse@sabanciuniv.edu
  Deniz Baltacı
Director, Information Center
Tel: 9228
Mail: dbaltaci@sabanciuniv.edu
  Deniz Ulusoy
Collection Development Officer
Tel: 9221
Mail: denizulusoy@sabanciuniv.edu
  Dila Günay
University Archives and Cataloging Officer
Tel: 9212
Mail: dilagunay@sabanciuniv.edu
  Duhan Torlak
Cataloging Officer
Tel: 9213
Mail: duhantorlak@sabanciuniv.edu
  Elif Müge Beşir
Cataloging Specialist
Tel: 9215
Mail: mugeoren@sabanciuniv.edu
  Elif Üst
Acquisitions,Serials and Financal Affairs Specialist
Tel: 9226
Mail: elifust@sabanciuniv.edu
  Emre Tonka
Instructional Material Production Support Officer
Tel: 9222
Mail: emretonka@sabanciuniv.edu
  Erhan Karakaş
University Archives Officer
Tel: 9205
Mail: erhank@sabanciuniv.edu
  Erkan Keser
Shift Officer
Tel: 9207
Mail: erhankeser@sabanciuniv.edu
  Fatih Özün
Building Operation and Shift Officer
Tel: 9392
Mail: fatihozun@sabanciuniv.edu
  Gökay Gürsoy
Software and System Specialist
Tel: 9217
Mail: gokaygursoy@sabanciuniv.edu
  Gürkan Polat
Building Operation and Collection Maintenance Officer
Tel: 9229
Mail: gurkanpolat@sabanciuniv.edu
  İsmail Dalkılıç
Acquisitions Officer
Tel: 9216
Mail: ismail@sabanciuniv.edu
  Kerem Özkap
Information Services Specialist
Tel: 9227
Mail: keremozkap@sabanciuniv.edu
  Mahir Yıldız
Serials Officer
Tel: 9204
Mail: mahir@sabanciuniv.edu
  Melih Yaylı
Instructional Material Production Specialist
Tel: 9211
Mail: melihy@sabanciuniv.edu
  Mine Akkurt
Information Services Specialist
Tel: 9209
Mail: mineakkurt@sabanciuniv.edu
  Oya Arus
Collection and Information Access Systems Manager
Tel: 9223
Mail: oya@sabanciuniv.edu
  Rıdvan Öztürk
Circulation and Reserve Collection Officer
Tel: 9308
Mail: ridvan@sabanciuniv.edu